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Who am I?

 This is a BIG question for me.And now concidering as the part of PARA-BRAHMA (ALL MIGHTY) in a visit to the world. An Indian who consider the word as a nest (Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam) and all human beings are the members of the same Family. He cares for the other creatures more than himself. So as an Indian I am a UNIVERSAL citizen. In religion, I'm not a X'ian,not a Hindu,not a muslim,and not a jew but stay under 'Humanity'. In my view this is through two ways. the first is that i couldn't live completely under the rules of any religion ( I think Belief in some thing is to obey it rules). And the second is that i believe there is no differece between these.

"To learn more about one's Religion,it is the eaziest way is try to know about other religions." : Mahathma Gandhi

List of What i know about Myself

Age : 24
Sex : Male
Nationality : Indian
City : Cochin
State : Kerala
Country : India
More Details Within two days